Football Parking

How to Purchase a Football Parking Permit:

  • If you purchased a season permit last year, you can renew NOW for the 2011 season.  How do you renew?  Follow directions below:
                    To renew your permit:

 1. Log into your account via the My Account button (

 2. Once you log into your account, you should see an option to renew your permit.
                                      3. Click on the box to renew and follow prompts.
  • If you did not purchase a permit last year, we have a few lots open now.    Take a look at the map to see which lots are currently open  Once the renewal period is over,remaining inventory in all other lots will be    available for purchase online.  The BEST way to get a permit in a desired lot, is the check the website frequently starting in mid May.  In addition to the lots noted as open in the link posted above, you can also purchase single game permits at by clicking here (ADD LINK TO CHASTAIN SINGLE GAME)




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